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My Vision

A World Where Everybody Leads

My Mission

Training That Produces Courage, Clarity & Committment


Undeveloped leaders live with a lot of frustration and regret. I would know...

Serving as a nurse, midwife, and educator for many years without formal leadership training, I didn’t live up to my potential.


To be honest, I never imagined myself as a leader, and I intentionally avoided it!


What I learned about leadership was through trial and error.  I failed miserably.

My Leadership Awakening During 2018 Hurricane Michael

I missed countless opportunities. And I needlessly damaged relationships.


All that changed in 2018 when our church provided a storm shelter during Hurricane Michael.  Reluctantly, I accepted the role of heading up food service for the many displaced by the storm.


By evening, we were overrun with hungry families seeking shelter.  Organizing, planning, and preparing to feed a small multitude, I saw myself as a leader for the first time in my life.


It was an “aha” moment!


Since then, I have devoured leadership teaching and my passion for the subject has exploded. I’ve experienced first-hand the impact I can make on the world as a trained leader!

​In 2021, I seized the opportunity to become part of the Maxwell Certified Leadership Team. Being mentored gave me the leverage I needed to grow.


My world changed!​


I believe people deserve to have early, intentional leadership training in order to develop the courage, clarity, and commitment necessary to transform individuals, nations, and countries.

Now, I use my skills to humbly serve others, to see them differently, to communicate more effectively, and to believe in them more readily.

We’ve no time to waste.

There are leaders to develop and a world to change!

Meet the Team

These individuals serve because their lives echo the values of courage, clarity, and commitment.  Like you, they believe in the positive impact these values can make in a life.

Beyond Leadership Training International Advisory Board

David Oaks headshot.jpg

David Oaks

A passionate supporter of Beyond Leadership, David Oaks became a spiritual leader to champion the cause of the marginalized as a teen. Financially poor himself, he learned fundraising.

Today, he helps organizations worldwide to multiply their income through Visionary Fundraising.

David’s journey is supported by a B.A. in Psychology from Albany State University and M.A. in Global Leadership from Fuller Graduate School and MDIV from Christian Life School of Theology. 

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