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As I was walking around the beautiful lake today, I was thinking about how thinking and perceptions affect our everyday lives. I couldn't help but recall times in my life when negative thoughts affected my relationships, my work, and my potential. Negative thoughts like, "You aren't leadership material," "Who do you think you are?," and "What gives you the right to do that?" were embedded in my mind from an early age. I shudder now to think of the opportunities I missed and relationships I damaged!

As I walked, I passed by trees that were damaged--some by storms, some rotten on the inside, but still alive. And then I passed a tree that was healthy, green, tall, and thriving; the problem, it was boxed in on two sides by a brick wall! Despite it's best efforts at being a good tree, it would always be limited! And then it hit me! With tears in my eyes, I realized that our thought life is just like those brick walls! Allowing us to grow and produce, but not to our fullest potential!

So take a minute and consider your thoughts. How is your thought life boxing you in and limiting your potential? What "walls" do you need to break down so you can continue to grow, produce, and thrive in this world? You are not a tree, are you?

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