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Visionary Leader

Visionary leaders are few and far between. Most of the world circles around on autopilot; never questioning the status quo. But visionaries see the world through a different lens. They are able to see problems and circumstances that can be corrected and solved!

How do they do this? They dream. They get outside of the box and create a world that doesn't exist yet. They dig deep and find the faith, tenacity, and grit to consistently and intentionally move toward that new world every day. John Maxwell says, "Leaders do consistently what others do occasionally." Visionary leaders never give up. They try, they learn, and they repeat until the vision is fulfilled. Failure is never the end. Failure is an opportunity to learn, adapt, and try again.

What's your vision? Have you ever dreamed of what could be different if you had unlimited resources? What part of your world could YOU make a difference in? Take some time this week to consider your impact.

My serve, help, and add value to every person I meet with inspiration and empowerment to active discover their own vision! Using my healthcare background, I can place myself in circumstances where I can make a difference. Using my leadership training, I am able to give away tools to others to build a brighter, growing life for themselves and the people they will lead.

Think of the ripples on the pond. Just one tiny touch of the water can extend ripples to the far side. So too, our lives have this ripple effect! Be sure the ripples you create are having a positive impact!

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